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Course Outline and Expectations "At a Glance"
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Social Studies 10 asks the big questions (who what where when why) of Canada... specifically about how we got our start as a nation.
Unit 1 Canadian Geography

1A Map Presentation - Finding Your Way Home
1B Political Map of Canada
Outline Map of Canada Political
1C Peoples and their Places in Canada
1D Latitude, Longitude, Direction, and Scale
1E Physical Map of Canada
Outline Map of Canada Physical
1F Atlas Quest - Themed Maps
1G Contour Lines and Contour Maps
1H Physical Geography - Geology and Tectonics

Unit 2 Building a Nation

Canadiana Scrapbook Pioneer Settlement
2A Britain's Canadian colonies in the early 1800s
2B Pioneer Life in early Canada
2C The Need for Reform
2D A New Home (includes project)
2E Rebellions of 1837
2F Victorian Era in Canada
2G Reforms Succeeds, Next is Confederation
2H Confederation Achieved

Unit 3 Challenge of the Northwest

3AThe Northwest in the 1800s
3B Settlement at Red River
3C Red River Rebellion
The Great Note-taking Map of the Northwest
3D Scrip, Bison, and Whiskey
3E The Arrival of Steel
3F The Northwest Rebellion
3G Laurier Boom
3H Come to Canada
3I Urbanization
3J Human Rights
3K Victorian Canada 1900s

Unit 4 On The Pacific
Mr. Leitch's Review Podcasts:
1 Rebellions in Upper/Lower Canada
2 Confederation
3 Northwest to 1870 (Red River)
4 Northwest Rebellion
5 British Colmbia history
6 Western Canadian geography
Mr. Thielmann's Review Handouts:
Exam Summary
Course Review Questions
Essay Question Preparation

Student Review Podcasts:
Intro by Teacher
Reform & Confederation by Eric
Reform & Confederation by James
Reform & Confederation by Jenna & Kristen
Geography by Hannah & Shaun
Early Northwest History by Danny & Mike
Early Northwest History by Loveleen & Becca
Later Northwest History by Levi & Richard
Economy by Keagan & Dennis

Barkerville Field Trip
Every year we try to take as many Grade 10 students as possible to the amazing historical site in the Caribou Mountains. Barkerville is primarily known for the prominent goldrush of the 1860s. Just outside the rebuilt townsite lies the old cemetery that was in use from the 1860s until the 1970s. Click on the pic below to hear the story of one of the miners buried there.
Each new group of students embarks on an annual project-based tradition that has changed the way students and teachers engage with history at D.P. Todd. They spend some serious time researching their personal and cultural backgrounds and present what they have learned about heritage. Each one of the projects is powerful because it shows how Canada came to be: ordinary stories of immigration, settlement, hardship, relief, and old ways of doing things that the students are rediscovering. It is amazing how excited students are when the learning is connected to both themselves and the threads of "social studies" and other subjects that they identify as interesting and important. Sometimes the projects invovle storytelling and others involve "show-and-tell." We're all lucky when the projects involve food!
Skills used this project helps develop:
historical empathy, critical thinking, resilient research, the themes of geography, judgement of evidence, powerful writing, map and image interpretation, strategic use of technology, and authentic presentation.
The Heritage Connections Project
Heritage Research template
Heritage Research weblinks

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